I’m just a girl…

Welcome to my transformation. I started this blog to share my journey of moving from a pretty healthy meat eater to a non meat eater. Vegan Rebel you ask? Yup, I am a rebel by nature; I don’t follow rules very well. I am not opposed to eating meat, I just prefer not to. I am a rebel because where I am transitioning to a vegan lifestyle for the most part, this girl can not give up butter, chocolate or honey. Nope, I can not. Oh, I also have tried every vegan alternative to coffee creamer and half and half just can’t be beat. So I am what you would call “mostly vegan”. I don’t consider myself vegetarian because I don’t do eggs, or dairy except for that tablespoon of cream in my coffee.

I plan on posting tips and ideas for making life healthier and happier. I am not perfect and am learning new things daily. I am a mom, a student, a bad ass girl who loves adventure and food.


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