Easy does it


I have always eaten healthy. I won’t lie and say I have never eaten processed food. I’m a mom and we get bust sometimes, but we don’t eat fast food. Yes, I have made boxed macaroni and cheese, are we dead? no. We are very much alive and well.

I love to cook and I love food. Sometimes though simple comfort food just hits the spot. Tonight we ate simply. We ate vegan(almost)! I’m a rebel right?  Vegan bread, cheese and salad dressing. The only non vegan item was butter. However, in keeping with my good quality food, my butter of choice is Kellygold pure Irish butter. My kids actually prefer the vegan cheese, they say it’s creamier. They also love sprouted 7 grain bread. I feel I’m doing something right. So see, it is possible to eat simple and eat vegan.



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